Release Notes

Virgo Accounts has been a stable product for many years now and even requests for additions have become no more than a trickle.

A few corrections and additions have been made since release 10.0 and a couple of interim releases have been made available for customers with a current support agreement to download from the support area.

Interim release 10.72 includes:

Release 10.6 includes the following changes:

  • an amendment to allow negative amounts to be entered in Post Bill Credit to allow for the correction of bill credits;
  • an additional option in Client Account Enquiry to export the account’s transactions as a delimited text file;
  • the ability to change the directory to which files are written when using the print to file option;
  • some minor cosmetic changes.
  • Details of earlier releases are given below.

    Release Notes 10.0

    Release 10 of Virgo Accounts was released in summer 2003. The change in numbering was to celebrate its tenth anniversary. This release includes: