“I just want to say how much I have always enjoyed using Virgo, and I hope I will be able to continue to use it for many more years. Thank you for all you have done for us in the past, and for still being there.”

Neil Lester

“I cannot speak highly enough of the service that I have received from Irwin Associates, like the product itself it has been outstanding. I would recommend the same without hesitation.”

Paul L Williams

“Having returned to private practice after working for many years in the Legal Software industry with some of the major software suppliers, using accurate and understandable accounts and time recording was high on my list of priorities. The system I wanted had to be affordable, easy to install, quick and simple to operate, robust in operation and properly supported. I soon found that for the small practice, all-singing all-dancing systems are all very well, but for most of us many of their features are irrelevant or confusing. Integration with other systems is also nice to have but not essential. As we have found we do not really need access to accounts on all our 7 computers, the Virgo single user approach has proved to be perfectly adequate and secure. The biggest challenge we faced was preparing the information from a double entry ledger card system before it went into Virgo. My staff can produce ledger prints themselves as required, as the (self-taught) cashier now only comes for 13 hours a week. Graham Irwin is prepared to listen and help and is very fair to deal with. There are now some nice refinements in Virgo which must make it the best value product of its genre, and I have no hesitation in recommending either it or him.”

Richard King

“We are a three partner firm in the North East dealing mainly with Property, Litigation, Family and Probate work. We have a franchise in Family and Criminal defence work. We find that Virgo Accounts suits our practice perfectly and for a very small annual outlay, we have all the back up we require from a dedicated help-line. Furthermore the transition two years ago from paper based accounts to computerization has been almost seamless. We have no hesitation in recommending Virgo Accounts to any similar sized firm.”

Tony Crosby

“I started using this accounting package at the end of 1993 when our practice was set up. I was a complete beginner at bookkeeping of any kind and this package made everything very easy for me - it led me by the hand very effectively. The system has been running smoothly since then but if I have needed help or advice, both have been quickly forthcoming and, just as importantly, that help has been sympathetic to a non-expert!”

Catherine Mackintosh

“I have been using the accounting package for some years now and have found it to be very user friendly, particularly since I had no previous experience of computer-based packages of this kind. Graham helped me set it all up and has always been very ready to offer his expertise whenever I have had any problems. Various modifications have been made to the package over the past few years and I have found it invaluable for running a growing practice.”

Stephanie Griffiths

“I acquired my solicitors accounting software from Graham early in 1994 after starting my own practice in 1993. I was pleasantly surprised that, despite my inexperience, the software package supplied, together with the associated explanatory material was straightforward and uncomplicated to introduce and to put into operation on a day-to-day basis. Whenever I have had any questions concerning the operation of the software I have always found Graham available, quick to respond, helpful, supportive and effective. I am very content with Virgo Accounts which suits me and my business well, and I intend to continue to use the system indefinitely.”

R J Boyce

“We originally adopted the package in 1994. It is a very simple to use package and has been completely trouble free throughout the period. The quality of the package, the support and the value for money are, to the best of our knowledge, second to none. We have made numerous recommendations to local colleagues in regard to the system.”

Michael Leighton Jones

“I use the accounts system as a Sole Practitioner since 1994. Even though not particularly computer literate neither I nor my Chartered Accountants have experienced difficulty with the software. I have always found Graham Irwin polite and willing to answer questions. I would commend the system to others in my position.”

Roy Kamath

“My first contact with Graham was when he launched the system some years ago. I used the system in a couple of solicitors where I was bookkeeper and can confirm that any problems or otherwise that arose with the system were immediately attended to by Graham and his [then-time] associate. From my contacts with them I can say that he was very well versed in the requirements of an accounting system and will be well qualified to give any back-up service required for any system he is associated with.”

Gordon Ross

“As a freelance Legal accounts and IT Consultant / Administrator, I always recommend Virgo Accounts to sole practitioners, small firms because the system is simple to use, adheres to all the Solicitors Accounts Rules, and firm accounting requirements. It is absolutely great value. The other reason is Graham because he truly provides an excellent support service. He takes great care of all his clients and shows great patience, understanding and is very compassionate. The system is so great that I do find myself being made redundant over and over because my clients are very happy and confident in doing all the inputting themselves."

Indira Soni

“I very much enjoyed the diskette. Can you please send the boss another one.”

Molly, a black labrador