Will there be a Windows version?

The short answer is that I have no plans to produce a “true” Windows version of Virgo Accounts and it is unlikely that there ever will be one. There are a number of reasons for this and if you are interested they are given below. Otherwise, please feel free to return to the previous page.

Firstly, the amount of work involved in rewriting the software for Windows is more than I care to take on given my other commitments and at this stage of my career. I have from time to time had talks with other software developers with a view to a collaborative effort but to date these have never come to anything. Who knows, perhaps one day it will.

Another important consideration is cost. I believe Virgo Accounts to be the the cheapest specialist legal accounts software on the market and it is often bought by practitioners who say they could not afford anything more expensive. A Windows version would have to be priced between three and five times that of the current software and it would therefore lose something of its competitive edge and would bring it into a segment of the market that arguably is already over-supplied.

Finally, the technology that would be used to create a Windows version would have to be different from that used for the current version and this would almost certainly require users who upgraded to re-enter at least some, if not all, of their data, a challenge that is not always welcome!